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We are still accepting applications for the program.  Classes begin June 10.

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We've compiled a few answers to some common questions about the Math TLC. If you have additional questions, email

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Questions About the Master's Program

What is the deadline for applying to the Master's Program? +/-

For the deadlines for the most recent cohort, see Application Information.

I am not from one of the partner school districts. Can I still apply? +/-

Yes! Although preference is given to teacher-applicants from the partner districts, we will be accepting teachers from outside our partner schools. We are especially committed to accepting teachers from rural schools, both in and out of the partner districts..

Are GRE scores required as part of the application? +/-

It is not necessary to take the GRE. UNC does not require it and UW is using the application form and essays in lieu of the GRE.

I have completed some graduate courses. Can I transfer my credits into the program? +/-

If you are accepted to participate, we can have a conversation about the possibility of transfering some graduate credit. The maximum number of semester hours you can transfer in is 6.

I'm having trouble with the online application forms. What should I do? +/-

The online application forms are available in both Microsoft Word 2003 format and Adobe PDF. To use the Word 2003 forms, save the files to your computer, fill in the required information, save the changes, and send the new file as an email attachment. If you prefer, you can always print the PDF forms and send them by US Mail to Math TLC--Master's Program, Campus Box 122, Greeley, CO 80639.  You can also fax them in:  970-351-1225. See the Downloadable Forms page for the documents

The recommendation form asks for my signature to waive my rights to read the confidential letters.  How do I sign the electronic form? +/-

You can sign the form by typing your name into the blanks. If you are really concerned, you can print the form, sign it, and send it to us via email, fax, or mail. It is most important that your letter writers know if you waive access as it might influence what they say. It is really between you and your letter writers.

I am not currently certified in mathematics. Can I earn my certification as part of the Master's Program? +/-

The Master's Program is not a certification program. Choose the link for mathematics on the CDE website for more information about obtaining a secondary math endorsement.

I am not currently certified in mathematics. Can I apply to the program? +/-

The Master's Program is designed for certified mathematics teachers with at least 30 semester credits of mathematics, and we prefer teachers to have two years experience teaching mathematics before they enter the program. However, if you expect to complete certification requirements by the time classes begin in June, you are encouraged to apply. If not, you may want to consider applying to a future cohort.

How much will the Math TLC Master's program cost me? Is it free? +/-

The Math TLC program offers substantial financial support for participants. See Support for Participants for more information.

I live far away from Greeley and Laramie. Can the entire program be completed online, or would I have to attend one of the Universities during the summer? +/-

Currently, you must attend one of the Universities during the summer for a six-week session.  As part of the grant we will be exploring less time on campus during the summers, but we expect there will always be at least a 2-3 week summer component on one of the campuses.  We will be accepting cohorts in 2010, 2011 and 2012 so if you are unable to come to campus for 6 weeks, you might watch our website (or email) about possible changes to the on-campus portion.