Master's Program Application Timeline

We are accepting applications for the program.  Online classes begin June 8 and face-to-face classes begin July 6.

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Welcome to the Math TLC!

The Mathematics Teacher Leadership Center Math & Science Partnership serving mathematics teachers in Colorado and Wyoming and beyond.

Master's in Math for Secondary Teachers

Applications to the Master's Program are reviewed each fall.

Teacher Leadership Program

Consider applying to the Teacher Leader Program.

Faculty in the Math TLC

Math TLC faculty are experienced and committed teacher-educators.

Master's in Math for Secondary Teachers

Master's particants experience new approaches to teaching math first-hand.

Master's in Math for Secondary Teachers

A spirit of collaboration helps Master's participants build on their strengths.

Teacher Leadership Program

TLP participants draw on their experiences to bring fresh ideas to leadership.

Master's in Math for Secondary Teachers

Master's classes offer unique approaches to advanced mathematics.

Teacher Leadership Program

Join a lively community of teacher-scholars in the Teacher Leader Program.

Master's in Math for Secondary Teachers

Master's courses meet face-to-face in the summer and online during the school year.

Teacher Leadership Program

Draw on your life experiences and learn about more about leadership.

Opportunities for Mathematics Teachers

The Math TLC is pleased to offer opportunities for current math teachers to participate in the Master’s in Math for Secondary Teachers degree program for secondary teachers as well as a Teacher Leadership Program for teachers and district personnel in grades 4-12.

Our jointly-offered programs build on a strong record of successful programs and engaged faculty at the University of Northern Colorado and the University of Wyoming.

The 14 teachers in Cohort 1 of the master's program began classes June 2009, and Cohort 2 joined us in June 2010. We're proud to watch so many teachers achieving their goals, and we were delighted to celebrate alongside our first Math TLC Master's graduates in May, 2011.

What is the Math TLC?

Math TLC is a partnership to improve mathematics in middle, secondary and post secondary education in the Rocky Mountain Region and beyond. Key to this goal is working with teachers and districts to retain new and continuing teachers in the field and develop leadership capacity.

The primary purpose of the Math TLC is to implement the Master's degree in Secondary Mathematics and the Teacher Leadership Program. Along the way, we're researching the impact of the initiative on project members, from teacher-educators to the teacher-participants and their students' achievement in mathematics.

Quotes from Math TLC Participants

insight from TLP and MP participants...